No logging from Windows native library

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We have some code that uses the Windows library (latest), and we're not getting any logging from that version.

The way we have it set up, is that we're building a DLL that links the relevant .libs (added as linker inputs):


When running our app, we see no logging written.

What is wrong with our setup?


  • Hi Lior.

    Logging is still working with the current SDK.

    Please assure, that you have set suitable debug levels at runtime and add a breakpoint in your debugReturn() callback to see, if the libs are actually calling it.

    Your debugReturn() calllback should match the following signature:
    debugReturn(ExitGames::Common::DebugLevel::DebugLevel debugLevel, const ExitGames::Common::JString& string)

    Also please double-check what you have changed regarding to linker settings, when updating your libs.

    In version of the SDK, that you have been using before, there have not been builds available that use the mt version of the runtime or that are build for x64, but all the libs are md Win32 builds.
    The libs now offer support for linking against the mt version of the runtime and for building x64 builds of your app, but of course when switching to those variants then you have to make sure that your app settings are adjusted accordingly.
    Therefor I would suggest that you test, if you see debug output with Win32 md debug builds of the libs and that you then switch to mt and to x64 (switch one setting at a time, not both at once) and see, if maybe one of those switches of your settings has broken the debug out. In that case please double-check what you are doing in that switch of settings procedure.
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