AndroidNDK for Android emulator

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we are currently using the AndroidNDK client library. is there a way to run on Android emulator? this is pretty essential because this allows us to test different device configurations and OS versions. Thanks!



  • Stefan, who is responsible for the native SDKs will be back from vacation next week.
    Please hang on for the answer (the C++ compiler settings are too confusing for mere mortals)...
  • Hi Kevin.

    Sure. Just deploy your app to the emulator instead of to a device. The emulator takes the same arm binaries as the device (that's also the reason why it is so terribly slow: it actually emulates an arm cpu so that you can run arm binaries in it, although the computer on which the emulator is running, is a x86 machine).

    However if you have just chosen the wrong word and actually meant the android simulator, which is a lot faster than the emulator, but needs x86 binaries of your app, then you are currently out of luck: Android x86 builds are still on our todo list.
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