Unique identity for player

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I am using PUN for my multiplayer game. Is there any way I can keep check on the player identity?
In my game a player can leave a room and also can join the same room again. Is there a way we can check the player is same?
Any ID or name that can be saved in room?


  • Hi,
    Can anyone please help me?
  • Hi, clabs.

    are you using Server SDK or Photon Cloud?
  • You can keep buffered events of players who leave and you can store properties in the room, too. We are working on supporting "Turnbased" games which essentially mean that a user can return and pick up the game where he left off. You can even persist games when all players leave (if all players abandon a game forever, then it gets cleaned up).
    We will have a list of rooms a player can re-open and the actor-number he used before, so re-joining a game becomes feasible.
    This is an upcoming feature and should be available next month maybe.

    PUN won't support this, however. When we released this, we will take a look if PUN can be updated to support it but for the beginning you should probably stick with the Plain Photon API, if you can.