Dashboard and path with space

edited February 2011 in Photon Server
I was having trouble getting my dashboard showing any data and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. I ran a clean Photon instance from the SDK and it was working just fine grabbing stats from the Lite app, so I knew it would work. I tried grabbing the files from the SDK over the folder I got the Photon version I'm working on, and that wouldn't even work!

Now, here's the catch; The path I was using for my Photon version had a space in it, and apparently either the Performance counters or the dashboard doesn't like paths with space in. I removed the space in the path and all is now well.

I can live with not having a space in the path, but figured I would post about it here so you know about it in case someone else has problems getting their dashboard working...


  • Thanks for reporting, we'll look into it.
  • The next SDK is going to have a fix. The rrd tool we used didn't understand those paths.