Question about LiteLobby in Flash


I am trying to make a online flash game using photon with lobby function.
I have read the topic about the Lite Lobby but I still not understand how can I use Lite Lobby in Flash.

I try sending a join op with "room_lobby" and it successfully give me back the event 252. And the actor number within the lobby is also correct. But when I try to create a room within the lobby by the following line.

PhotonCore.sendOperation(255, [242, lobbyId, 255, roomId, 249, null, 250, true]);

I find that rooms with the "same" room id and "different" lobby id will mix together. I read the result from "PhotonCore.getActorNumbers()" and can see all actors connected to the server and there are no other event return.

I also try the demo within DotNet SDK and it can run correctly, so I think there is no problems on my server side program.

I would like to know if there are any ref. of using Lite Lobby in Flash? Am I have any misunderstand about the use of Lite Lobby?

Thank you very much.


  • I think that room names must be unique, no matter in which lobby they end up. If you use the same room name, you can join it, no matter in which lobby you are. I'd say. Without re-checking stuff we did quite a while ago.

    The reason why I'm not checking this is: Lite Lobby is more or less deprecated. It's good as sample how to extend Lite into something else but it lacks a lot of features that will rescue your butt if your game ever becomes popular. Those are done in "Load Balancing", which is very similar to Lite Lobby but adds a lot.

    Can I convince you to check out LoadBalancing? It means you have to run another server setup "LoadBalancing (MyCloud)" and use the client's LoadBalancing API. This will put you on a much better basis though without being overly complex in comparison.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have check about the LoadBalancing, I think it is a better way to satisfy my requirement. Therefore I will choose to use this instead of LiteLobby.

    But there is a problem, which is I cannot find a function that similar to "sendOperation()" in the Flash SDK. Is it mean I can only raise custom event but not custom operation? I need something that can communicate between clients and server, for example, login, and I remember that event is only use between clients.

    Thank you.