Other Prefab falling over

I am using Unity's MMO Controller/Camera/Animation Controls. I have a prefab that I instantiate (photon) when a player joins a room. However, the prefab of the OTHER player keeps falling over (and rolls down the terrain :shock: ). This is a screenshot:


I'm a bit lost on how to address this?

Thanks for any help!




  • I've learned that the issue is in the MMO ThirdPersonController. It uses Rigidbody.AddForce to move the character. When the other player's character shows up, if the terrain is not level, the "remote" character literally tips over and falls to the ground. So I need to figure out how to restrict the "remote" character to staying vertical.
  • Are characters constrained to be "upright"? If so, couldn't you set the constraint in the controller or some other component?
  • I had to require the remote player's rigidbody constrained. What I fail to understand is why the local player's character remains upright ...