Turn based beta access

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How do we get access to the turn based features?


  • They are not fully done yet but we will open an Early Access group shortly.
    We will start with a DotNet / Unity API and most likely go on with C++ for mobile, etc.
    PUN is not yet on the list of platforms directly supported. It's more complex to do.
  • I'm a bit confused. Of the turn based api features listed is "Cloud Save"...
    For real? Will this eventually work with PUN?

    I'm using PUN and Parse.com for persistence at the moment... which is pretty damn good.

    But will that setup eventually become less awesome than Cloud Save?
    Naturally, I want all sorts of dirty details that you're not yet willing to commit to.
    Such as, How will the turn based API interact with the PUN+ license?... assuming it does at all.

    I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?
  • Just a tiny bit ahead, greenland ;)
    We will post more details shortly, so we can only ask for your patience a bit longer.
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