Can make RPC calls smaller ?

In TNet(Tasharen Networking) you can make you RFC calls smaller like:

public void loadlevel(string scene)

and then call it with

tno.Send(1, Target.Others, "Game");

Did anybody knows it for Photon RPC's ?
Because when i try to make [RPC(2)] there is coming an error :/
Pls help. Thx


  • Did you have a look at the RPCs you send in PUN?
    In the latest versions of PUN, you will rarely find RPC names as string at all.
    Why? Cause the Editor creates a list of RPC names and uses the index number instead of the name - fully automatic.

    So: No, we won't use TNet's way of defining RPCs but: yes, we make sure things are lean ;)
  • So is there no way to have a better netcode there ?
  • Netcode?
    I tried to say: Don't worry about manually assigning an ID and using that: We automated this.