Photon Chat Early Access

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Photon Chat is now in "Public Beta" and can be used by anyone without registering in another group.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Early Access.


  • I applied for membership...

    So.. what is this group exactly? :)
  • Is that not clear? A first version of our Chat API and Service. Chat is going to be independent from the Game Servers and you can have several chat groups at the same time (team, guild, etc) or do private chats.
    If you only need chat in-game, then it's no big deal, otherwise it might be interesting for you.
  • I have applied to the group, no approved yet.

    Do you have some news about the release?

    I'm working on a new lobby and message system for my game and some info about your progress on it would be useful.
  • I see you joined with the mail address entered in this forum, too, 26th January.
    Not sure why you didn't get a notice. Please try to login.

    I think Chat will be really useful for those tasks :)
  • Hi everybody, I don't know to send data from flash client to photon server through the data returned onOperationResponse() function of LoadBalancingClient . Please! hell me
  • tuananh4689: Please post Flash questions in the Flash forum. Chat Early Access does not support the Flash client yet.
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