About AppID and multiple Servers

Hi, I'm not sure if you people allow this, but there is my idea based on my 5 player max game.

In the main menu game, before connect to a Lobby, player can enter the appid of a server register by himself, so he can play in a free server with his friends. Also I was wondering if i can check if the lobby is full (20ccu) and then jump to the next server in the list.

I know this is quite against the interest of the company, but could be great to release trully indie games to the market.
Anyway, let me know if this behaivour it prohibited and if is not:
where is the appid in the code?



  • The idea would be fun but then we would have to beg our hosting providers for free hosting, as we can't pay them. They would have to beg the backend-providers for free bandwidth and the hardware manufacturers for free hardware, too. And: Everyone here would have to work for free as well, begging for free accomodation, food and electricity.
    It's not against our interests to support indies (and I think we do with reasonable prices) but we can't pay for stuff to hand it out for free.

    If you got more than a few 100 concurrent users in your game, go ahead and make it a business model. Try to make money out of it.
    If you are surprised by your success, get in touch and we will maybe support your cool game with free CCU while you figure out how to make money and if your game is a stable success.
    As long as you don't have proper user numbers: Don't waste your time worrying about our prices too much.

    You can find your app id in your dashboard. You enter it in the PUN Wizard and it's saved in a "PhotonServerConfig" file in your project.