Russian community

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Hello everyone. I love Photon:) Really, thank you guys. Photon is great!

I saw russian developers in your team (chvetsov?). But this forum doesn't have russian topics.

Surely, there is an forum. It contains a couple dozen of topics about Photon. But many other people, who don't know about, have a lot of questions about Photon.

Can you support russian language in docs and create a branch on this forum?


  • Hi, afrokick.
    I do not know what solution will be for topics in general, but i do not mind to answer on develkopers question. You can send it to me by private message. Also you could give my mail to thouse who are intresting
  • Thanks for the kind words, afrokick!

    In general, english is our business language - and we'd like to keep all forum topics in english, so that each team member can answer questions as quick as possible. It also means that most other interested developers from across the world can read & understand the topics and get help from them. (I assume that almost every developer speaks english at least a little bit). So - sorry, no plans for a russian forum or community right now.

    Besides that, we have team membes who speak German, Russian, Spanish and we've a partner company for Japanese support as well - so if there is a need for support in other languages, we can probably make it work in special cases. As a last resort, there is always google translate. ;)

    Thanks for the offer, Ilya!