Gunjitsu Showcase

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Hey guys just wanted to showcase our game as it BOTH uses Photon Cloud (most of the game) and Photon Sever (the rest).

It is a fast paced platform shooter set in a fully destructible voxel environment.
It is a 2-6 player game, with various game modes and large range of fun and crazy weapons.

A small sneak peak video here:

We just released it on Steam Greenlight and our numbers are really good so far luckily!
If you like it then feel free to vote or share :D





  • Nice stuff!
    Good luck with the Green Lights!
  • You have my vote. I like the Bionic Commando style swinging around :)
  • Thanks for the support!

    Our numbers looks really great so far, so seems like we will make it ;)
    So hope we will make a game that shows how well photon can be used.We are certainly pushing it to its limits :lol:
  • We recently learned a lot about Photon's limits as well ;)

    Good luck for your game, and let us know if you need something from us - we are happy to help make it a hugh success. :) You got my vote as well.