Open Logs between days not opening correct logs

edited February 2011 in Photon Server
I left the Photon server running over night with the log open in BareTail. Next day with the Photon server still running I tried opening the logs again from the tray icon menu, but it was opening yesterdays logs and not todays.

Restarted the Photon server and then it was opening the correct log file (with log messages about what had happened on the server since midnight). I'm not sure, but perhaps the log file is only created when starting the Photon server?


  • Hi Seigman,

    The file is created when a log line is writen in the "today's" log file and the file does not exist. If nothing happened during the night (I mean no lines have been writen), you will see "yesterday's" log file.

    When you restarted the server, the server itself tried to write the "application start" line in today's log, but if it did not exist, it created a new log file for today. If something would have happened during the night (after 00:00AM), the file would have been created automatically and in the morning you would see the "today's" log file.

    Good luck!
  • I think the log file was created, the problem I was reporting was that the "Open Logs" from the Photon control tray still opened yesterdays log file...
  • I tried it today and the log in Bare Tail was updated instantly.
  • Opened the logs this morning and it opened the correct ones....not sure what was going on.
  • Hickkup?!
    Hmm. Weird.
    By the way: Photon Control uses a batch file to open baretail and the files in it. This way, you're able to change what you open and how.
    Check: sdk\deploy\bin_Tools\baretail\baretail-open-photonlogs.cmd if you like.

    Thanks for letting us know it is working!