How to change scene in one room?

Hello, I'm beginner about PUN. I've some question.

Can we change scene in one room? first I try to use PhotonNetwork.DestroyPlayerObjects when player move to warp portal and use PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel to load scene , In new scene I create player.

I have problem

1. when I create player in new scene. in other player window (in old scene) is create player too.
2. I can't send RPC from old scene to new scene.

you have any Idea for this?

sorry about my English and thank you for answer. :)


  • Photon does not have the concept of scenes itself. The closest you get is to arrange players per scene in different "rooms". You would leave one room and enter another room and for that other room, the scene "x" is always used and loaded and everyone has the same scene in that room.
    Would that fit?
  • Thank you for quick response. Your suggestion would solve the problems. However, the game I am creating features chat system too. All players in the game should be able to send messages to the others (whisper, group chat) I am now using RPC to deliver the messages.

    If the players are separated in different rooms, how could I achieve this chat system? Thanks in advanced
  • You could use our upcoming Chat Server. It's a separate server which runs chats independently from games, so that individual players or groups can chat.
    We will open a Early Access group for it this week. If you're ok to try it and give feedback, you could potentially start using it end of the week.