Creating Multiple Rooms

Is there any way multiple rooms can be created and by this a user can create multiple games?
Currently when I create a room and then another room the current gets replaced by the new one .


  • No. Each client can only be in one room at any time.
    Why would you?
  • I want to create multiple games by a single user. If creating multiple rooms is not possible then how can a user create multiple games.
  • Sorry but you can't. In Photon (and besides: in Unity Networking, too) you can only be in one room/game.
    What are they for? Maybe there is another solution to what you want. If you want them listed, then there are other solutions to this.
  • Ok. thanks for the quick response.
    Can we delete a room or close it?
  • You can close it or hide it (use the isOpen and isVisible properties respectively).
    It gets deleted only when all players left it.