Some clarification, please

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I've been looking through the docs and searching the forums(either it hasn't been discussed or my searchfu sucks). I want to see if I understand rooms correctly and how I would implement them for my potential design.

I'm thinking of a zone based world the way Everquest 1 was designed.

I was thinking that each zone would = 1 room on the server. I, also, read that photon can be setup to run multiple instances. Would allow me to set up "zone servers" where each instance is running 10 or so zones and the player would be moved between server instances as they move about the world?

If my understanding is incorrect, please correct me. I looked over the MMO demo and that seemed to be geared towards seamless worlds. I do not want to do seamless (yes, I know seamless are still zone based without in your face loading) because I tend to favor zoned base worlds.


  • you can have multiple rooms per server instance, no need to host multiple instances on one machine.
    How many players in one zone are you thinking? the room based approach means that everyone in the room receives everything, this adds up pretty fast and the clients may become overwhelmed by the amount of received messages.
  • I'm planning on a small MUD sized user base. So, probably not more than 20 or so players in 1 zone on a good day.
  • Ok, 20 users are probably fine.
  • Great! Sounds like I am starting to understand the basic layouts of the server :)