MMO-Demo example in C++?

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Inside ExitGames-Photon-MMO-Demo I see examples in C# and Unity3D, but none for Win32 (C++).

It would be really useful for those who make games for PC ;).

Do you have it planned?

- m


  • At the moment, we don't plan to port them, sorry.
    Most of us are more geared towards C# and for examples it's relatively clear (no pointer stuff) and the application logic is written in C# anyways.
    I hope you can cope with the DotNet example? If you've got questions on it, let us know.

    Being nosy: What sort of client side technology / engine are you using?
  • Do not worry, it's easy to translate from C# to C++ ;)

    We are using Trinigy's Vision engine (

    - m
  • I'm glad to hear you don't mind using the managed code demos.

    Vision Engine? Impressive. A very powerful, professional engine.
    Looking forward to see something of your game ;)
  • Should be relatively easy to implement with Trinigy :)

    Had the joy to work with Trinigy and Net Dog in the past and its definitely one of those fields where its more a joy then a fight for your life :D
  • Too bad, I am also waiting for a direct translation to C++. It would be a fairly easy task to convert it from C#, though a native C++ module would suffice. Though, with Trinigy, it would be like a walk in the park as their field is already pretty much packed. I hope to see this expansion in the near future. Please keep us posted. Thanks!
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