Disconnecting when creating room, sometimes inside room, etc


Can you help me, please, how can I discover what is causing the players to disconnect many times when trying do create a room?
Sometimes the players disconnects when inside a room, and many times it happens randomly.
But the problem is that since I am using photon I couldn't play any full match without disconnecting.
I already tried the four cloud regions and it happens the same way in all of them.



  • I'm sorry to read you got these problems.
    Maybe it's your connection.
    Please try using the "Demo Worker" from the PUN package and see if that also disconnects. If so, your connection might be not the best.

    If those demos work, we have to find out if you maybe send too much for the clients to receive.
    We wrote some background info about the connection stability. Please read the following pages, check if you can apply this to your game and if you can't make any sense out of it, get back to us with more details about your game.
    http://doc.exitgames.com/photon-cloud/A ... t-referenc
    http://doc.exitgames.com/photon-cloud/C ... -reference
  • Thanks Tobias.
    I've tried the Demo Worker. It seems to work fine.
    I don't know why my game is disconnecting so many times because it's a turn based game, like SongPop. I only send RPCs when the user ends the turn.
    I attached a picture of the Photon Stats Gui but I don't know to handle the informations.
    Can you take a look?
  • I think, the Worker Demo actually sends more stuff than this looks.
    Did this session disconnect? What do you send in your RPC? A lot of data?
  • Yes, it did.
    I always send a string variable containing the answer of the player's turn. Like an answer of a quiz.
    The sessions sometimes disconnects even if the player is in the lobby.
  • Now, I'm trying to create a room and I'm getting the following error:
    createGame failed, client stays on masterserver: OperationResponse 227: ReturnCode: 32762 (Failed to get server instance.). Parameters: {}.
    Even in the Demo Worker.
  • > ReturnCode: 32762 (Failed to get server instance.)
    This was a hiccup in the service. We fixed it already. Sorry for the confusion.
  • > I always send a string variable containing the answer of the player's turn. Like an answer of a quiz.

    This doesn't sound like an awful lot of data. I kind of think your connection might be a bit bad.

    You could try to set this before you call ConnectUsingSettings:
    PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.SentCountAllowance = 8;

    I'm sorry for being so vague but these issues are pretty complex. It could be anything that's between you and the servers.
    Do you have anything in the client's log?
  • I don't know what happened but everything seems to work fine now.
    I'm not disconnecting anymore, just sometimes when trying to create a room.
    I did this: PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.SentCountAllowance = 8;

    For now it's working.
    Thanks so much for the support Tobias. You're awesome!
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