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I'm another indie game developer and I've made some online games based on PlayerIO, but due to the misty future of that service I'm very interested in Photon Cloud or Server.

I've searched some topics and now I understand that I need Photon Server. Because of the security issue I need fully customised server (it would implement every aspect of gameplay) for room-based online game (flash and unity).

So my questions:
1) Do you have any "ready from the box" DataBase implementations? As being a single developer I just could not be expert in DataBase security and usage. Do you have any tutorials or guides that would help to make stable and security DataBase? You probably already know about PlayerIO's BigDB, so you know what I'm willing to get :)
2) Do I have to rent a private server for Photon Server or may I just rent a server in Photon Cloud? An image from http://www.exitgames.com/Home/Architecture tells us that I could?
3) Okay, If I have to rent my private server, how many CCU it would handle (ofc it depends on server hardware but lets imagine that we got some "standart" server)?
4) As summary - what is the best choise for single developers who just want to concentrate on gameplay? Also I should point that my location is Russia where % of kids that know how to hack games "is too damn high" and I wish I could rent server somewhere in Europe because of "physical security" (Putin, KGB, vodka, balalayka :D ).

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  • Photon does not do any persistence out of the box and does not integrate a database. This might sound like bad news but actually this gives you every option there is.
    In some cases, we like to use Cloudant. It's a database service. When you use it from the server only, you have full control and it's not subject to hacking. There are several similar services, too.
    Alternatively you can use any DB with any database abstraction layer you know or get along with. I think even mySQL or SQLite will do for a start with something like Lightspeed or similar as abstraction.
    I understand there are too many options for databases maybe but picking one is either easy (for small games/userbases) any will do or depending on the usage (for huge communities).

    2) Yes, you need to rent your own servers. A single machine is fine for the start: The Master Server and the Game Servers can run parallel.
    3) Without much action you get several thousand on a regular machine. Depending on your authoritative code this will degrade. Bandwidth is essential and most likely the most expensive part of the equation when the server's are full. Prefer packs that include a lot of traffic. Start on your local machine.
    4) Well, basically everything above! You can rent your machines anywhere in the world. There's rackspace, leaseweb and a lot of others which are not too complicated. I would start locally and make sure everything can be setup and updated easily, so you can maintain the system later on. Get a grip of Photon Server.
    http://doc.exitgames.com/photon-server/ ... lo%20World
  • Thank you for fast responce!
    Well, just realised that nothing is limited with Photon Server. So I think I'll start with MySQL locally, and lately I could change it on Cloudant (I hope).
    Thank you one more time for clearing every question.
    Good luck!