Setting disconnect timeout in NDK library

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I'd like to configure disconnection timeout values.

Namely, as i understand from docs, these are sentTimeAllowance and disconnectTimeout (from the .NET docs).
In the NDK version, only the first one (PhotonPeer::sentTimeAllowance) can be set, however there's no sign of the disconnect timeout value.

How can this be done in the NDK version of the library?



  • Hi Lior.

    That value has recently be renamed in .NET and will also get renamed in the next Android NDK release. The old name is sentTimeAllowance and the new one disconnect timeout. So both properties that you have mentioned are actually the same property. If the version with the old name should indeed still be available in the .NET client, then that's only for backwards compatibility. However there is indeed another one: sentCountAllowance.
  • danke schÖn !
  • Keine Ursache. :-)
  • Last question - at what point can i call the setSentTimeAllowance method? should i already be connected or it doesn't matter?
  • You can call it at any time you want after the peer has been constructed and you passed value will be the new valid setting for that peer until you either call it another time or deconstruct the peer. After your call the new value will immediately take effect.
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