Connection Limit Reached, Peer will disconnect

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I am running the trial version. I am evaluating Photon.

I have the server up and running on one machine. When I run the Test Client from the sysicon, DOS box comes up and starts up the 25 games with 4 clients. About a minute after the 25th game is started, I receive the following in the logs:

Connection Limit Reached, Peer will disconnect after handshake completes

In the DOS box, I have the following error message:

onPeerStatusCallback - unexpected return code Disconnect

I have a number of these entries. This is running on an XP machine (P3, 256mb ram <- seeing how low I can go before the program fails to operate)
I am wondering what these messages mean.

Side note: I am running the server and the test clients on a Win7 machine (i7 920, 6gb ram) with no issues.


  • You can only have 100 concurrent connections (25*4 = 100) with the free license.
    for more than that you must buy the real licenses

    if there happen to be timeouts and attempts to reconnect during the timeout there will be more than 100 users connected during that time, thus the newly connected one is kicked out again under the 100CCU license
  • I thought that was what it meant. But, you never know for sure without asking.

    It seems that I am following you everywhere. First on RealmCrafter, then Unity, now here :)
  • dreamora nailed it exactly. Depending on network and machine performance, the client or server side might have timeouts. If a client detects the timeout first, the server still assumes the connections exists until its own timeout triggers. Any client that connects in that time is rejected.

    The Stardust Demo does not much in terms of handling a disconnect, so it only has this printout, but clients can differentiate between a timeout disconnect and a disconnect due to the user limit (in DotNet StatusCode: DisconnectByServerUserLimit = 1042).

    If you want to test with more users, you can download a trial license which has no concurrent user limitation. It's valid for 30 days (if you truly need more time, let us know).