Mobile Connection resilience

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We're using the NDK version of the client library (for Android).

I'm wondering if there's any connection resilience support already built into the client side.

For example - can the client automatically handle cases where connectivity is dropped from 3G -> wifi (or vice-versa ? )

If not, what is the expected behavior when the user moves between different connectivity states?



  • Hi Lior.

    In that case you should get a disconnect callback and will have to reconnect and rejoin the room.
  • Thanks.

    There's no transient disconnection that may be resolved (for example if it's fairly fast) by the client itself automatically?
  • There isn't really something like a connection switch between wifi an cellular or between different wifi or cellular networks. The OS will just open a new connection on a different network if the old connection isn't working anymore or if a more preferred network gets available. The Photon client will just recognize that the socket that it has been using isn't working anymore, but throwing errors and therefor assume that the connection is dead, but it doesn't know if an alternative connection is available until you will tell it to reconnect. We may implement something like automatically trying to do an internal reconnect somewhere in the future, but its not planned for the near future.
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