Possibly found another bug?

Hey guys,

So, I've been continueing to work on this project where there is seamless travel between rooms. One of the key factors is that every player loads up an identical scene and "warps" (we're still taking about the space game) into a room where they get the transform and additional parameters of the ROOM objects from the database and instantiate static objects locally, and dynamic objects (that all players should be able to interact with, other than their own ship of course) as scene objects, if ofcourse they are the first one to join the room and are the master client.

The problem is in the fact that I had planned to use groups in order to seperate the scene objects into their respective rooms. So when a player "warps" (or joins a room) they server-instantiate themself (and the scene objects if they are the master client) using the unique id that is generated in the database for that particular room/landmark as the target group. This doesn't seem to work, and unless I'm completely missing something here, it looks like a possible bug.

So, from what I can tell, the group that you are currently in (and I assume would be the group that you would expect to recieve RPCs and server instantiations for) is stored in your photonView.group? Although, it would appear to be that the only time I ever see the server instantiations are if I set the group to zero, which would understandably tell me that the default value for photonView.group is zero.

This would lead me to assume that I somehow need to set the photonView.group before I server-instantiate myself - before the photonView exists on the network(!?) :P

Is this a possibly bug, or am I just doing it very, very wrong? :D

Thanks again in advance.


  • Yep, another brain fart! :D

    After playing around with this further, I realised that the reason why the scene-instantiate looked as if it was instantiating in all rooms was because I was working with autoCleanUp off >.<

    After realising that I can certainly use scene-instantiation as a way to create objects that remain in the room after I leave, I realise I don't need to use groups at all!

    Feel free to delete this topic, it will probably confuse people more than it will help them =p
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