Dashboard Question

Doug Wolanick
edited January 2011 in Photon Server
First off, I just started using the dashboard and it is completely awesome!

I set it up on one server that I am testing and it's working great, but then I set it up on a 2nd server and something strange happened. Somehow the Dashboard on the first server sees both the first and second server. Not sure how this is even possible?

It wouldn't be bad, except the 2nd server is not reporting any stats at all. And if I look at the dashboard on the 2nd server it only shows stats for the 1st server.

On both servers, the only thing I changed was PhotonDashboard.exe.config
appSettings > WebIp = Public IP address
endpoints > address = Public IP address

I couldn't find any other description of how I should configure this. So why do the servers see eachother, and what could cause one of them to not send anything (it did send a few reports for a few minutes, but nothing since).


  • I don't have the files in front of me right now but if I remember correctly the counter publisher default config broadcasts UDP messages into the whole subnet. If two machines see each other it means that they are in the same subnet. If multiple network interfaces are available only one is used to send counters, so if one targets the internal subnet he will reach the other machine, if the other targets the public network it won't reach the other. This is random if not specified explicitly. I believe there is a setting for it in the publisher config.
    Anyway, I don't think you should rely on broadcasting in the airvm subnet, instead configure the internal ip of the machine that hosts the dashboard service to send the data directly to it.
  • That fixed it. I can see how the CounterPublisher fits into it now. Very cool.