New to Photon. Advice Needed.

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I have been looking into Photon for use with Unity (mmo intention).

When I first started I was on that other site ... _tutorials. I noticed a lot of their forum's postings were a year and longer since anyone posted. Found this forum, and saw links to the tutorials on this site, but the server2server tutorial is not listed.

So what I am wondering, for someone learning, is it best to use this sites tutorials? Are the tutorials on this page ( in a specific order? Trying to get my bearings.



  • Hello teratosis,

    the tutorials on are not maintained by Exit Games, so we can generally not give (much) support for them. However, they are a great place to start with.

    There is no specific order for the articles on our doc page (, but I would recommend that you:
    - have a look at the "Getting Started" section, which gives a high-level overview about several aspects of Photon Server
    - then have a look at the tutorials: "An App from Scratch" should demonstrate how applications & peers are working on the server side.
    - If you plan to build an application that uses rooms or something similar, I also recommend that you take a look at the "Applications: Lite & Lite Lobby" article in the "Reference" section further below.

    At that point, you should have a basic understanding of Photon server-side programming, and probably lots of new questions. ;) Let us know if we can assist with anything else then!
  • Thanks Nicole,

    Yeah, their forums are dead it seems. Latest posts a year and more old. And their tutorial has some inconsistencies with no answers. Pretty bad when you get to a line and it isn't right, check videos and people are saying do this. but no you should do this. And no official addressing of the issue. lol its like beating your face into the ground to make lemonade.

    Anyways. Will get back on it after work.
  • It says in the tutorial; Click "Loadbalancing (MyCloud)" and "Start as Application".

    In mine, Start as Application is grayed out. What did I miss?

    NEVERMIND, I figured it out, removed the service and then i could start it as applicashawn. :shock:
  • In the Photon Cloud Unity tutorial it states: Copy the Photon .dll into the "Assets\Plugins" folder of your project.

    There are a ton of photon3unity3d.dll through different folders in the Photon-Unity3D_v3-2-2-1_Cloud_SDK folder on my C drive, but no photon.dll. which folder is the correct dll in?
  • The photon3unity3d.dll is correct.
    "Copy the Photon .dll into ..." means as much as "Copy the Photon assembly into ...".
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