Photon Cloud and 10+ players

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Another question. I was talking with a client about photon cloud and the possibilities.
They would like a FPS game that can hold up to 16 players per room.

But as the limit is per room (i know it is not a hard cap) how do i go around this?
Lets say i want to update each player 10 times/s and then inter/extrapolate in between,
that would still be each player sending 16x10 msgs each second. So that is 160x16 = 2560 msgs/s.

I guess that amount of msgs is out of the question? So how will i go around handling rooms with more than 6-7 players if i want to update players a few times per second?

Should i then only send key presses and then handle everything locally? This might get very buggy quickly i guess.


  • Hi BFGames,

    you might want to have a look at this thread which discusses similar questions: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1246

    On Photon Cloud, there is a (soft) limit of 500 msg/s, so you basically have two options: less players or less messages per second. ;) Sorry, but we need to apply that limit to have some control over our bandwidth usage - and in many cases, the clients won't be able to handle a larger amount of traffic neither.

    If you really intend to have a FPS game with ~ 16 players and frequent updates, you might want to try the self-hostd Photon Server SDK and implement some kind of interest management to limit the amount of data that is sent. Our (very basic) MMO sample, which is part of Photon Server SDK, is a proof of concept for interest management, that might be interesting for you as well.
  • I understand the problem. And i worked with Photons Server SDK and Unity. So i know that it is a good way to go. However it is also a more time consuming way to go as i need to handle physics and such server side.
  • BFGames wrote:
    However it is also a more time consuming way to go as i need to handle physics and such server side.
    Well, nothing prevents you from simply pretending that you could not modify the server code and just handling all that stuff client-side, like you would do it on the cloud. The only more time-consuming thing with Photon Server in comparison to Photon Cloud is, that you have to care about stuff like scaling, renting server hardware in different regions of the world, etc.
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