Multithread client onStatusChanged the statusCode==1031

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I have a robot tool, that is a multithread client.Every thread have a LitePeer.The LitePeer send operation by calling opCustom. And every second,the LitePeer calls service.In working, my LitePeer send vector(x,y,z) infomation of position to server,and the server broadcast the position infomation to all .Now, I create 100 thread work.there is two exception status.
The first:
WARNING enetpeer.cpp ExitGames:Photon::Internal::EnetPeer::queueOutgoingAcknowledgement() line: 650 - WARNING! There are 100 outgoing acknowledgements waiting in the queue!
the onStatusChanged function's param statusCode =1031, the statusDesc=PhotonPeer outgoing queue is filling up. send more often!

The second:
WARNING enetpeer.cpp ExitGames::Photon::Internal::EnetPeer::dispatchIncomingCommands() line: 319 - do not dispath if that command is not the very next one available (this is reliable)
WARNING enetpeer.cpp ExitGames::Photon::Internal::EnetPeer::queueIncomingCommand() line: 703 - WARNING! There are 100 incoming messages waiting in the local incoming reliable message queue of channel 0!
the onStatusChanged function's param statusCode =1031, the statusDesc=PhotonPeer incoming reliable queue is filling up. Dispatch more often.!


  • Read carefully: These are no exceptions but warnings.
    The solution to avoid them is included in the text: "Send more often" and "dispatch more often".

    In short, they mean: You are sending and receiving more messages than you handle, so they pile up. If this goes on, it could turn into a problem.
  • The LitePeer send operation by calling opCustom.
    How often are you doing that?
    Those warnings indicate that your service() calls are way to rare in comparison to the amount opCustom() calls.
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