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As we have a big name client, I'd like to be reassured if there's available support. I see a lot of unanswered questions on the forums and that's a large concern. Is there valid support I can obtain? I understand there's probably a lot of signal/noise but we're not one of them.

Also regarding photon cloud:

- is the CCU per region or global? I'd love to have a chat about low traffic-high CCU. I think we could come to some decent terms both ways.

- can I set the region dynamically within the same app or does it require re-compilation ie a different build? (!)

- what are the typical ping times for each region in cloud?



  • Hi.

    There are several forms of support:
    a) forum support - this if offered to every (potential) Photon user, but as our resources are limited we may not always be able to answer in every thread immediately - especially, when the one of our stuff, that could answer it best, isn't available for some reason (sick, on holiday or at an exhibition)
    b) paying customers may also contact us via mail to our ticket system to be sure that they get our attention
    c) you can also sign a priority support agreement which can include emergency support, 24/7 support, etc., however this option currently is only available together with hosting a private cloud, which only makes sense for enterprise customers

    - the CCU limits currently are per region, but this rather is a technical issue with the implementation rather than a feature and is about to change, the limit will be global in the future
    - for special low traffic high CCU terms please contact us per mail

    - yes, you can set the region dynamically at run time, you just will have to disconnect and reconnect the peer instance, no need for recompilation

    - well, it depends not only on the locations of the cloud regions, but also on the locations of the ones who do the ping, but maybe these numbers help: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2644
  • Thank you, I feel reassured now. We like to remain results oriented over here at simian squared, hence the questions. Regarding the CCU limits being per region - does this mean we need an APP id per region, or will this requirement soon be abolished (seeking simplicity more than anything else).
  • The same app id already works for all regions and we don't plan to change that.
  • Great. It does mean I will probably be paying more money than I would normally though, will pricing reflect this global change that's about to take place? Since if CCU is worldwide and the game is worldwide it's probably going to be doubled (US vs EU+Other) in CCU.
  • That is a good and justified question, but to be honest: I don't know the answer. It makes sense to adjust the prices to that change, but afaik we have not yet decided how to reflect this change in the prices.
  • Yeah, perhaps just raising the CCU might work out well to compensate. However that might actually harm you for developers who specialise just only in the USA (your primary market) I guess. Since they'd essentially be getting more and you'd be losing more cash. I don't think that's a good plan as if you make money, your service is better. Then I make more money too.

    I don't mind so long as its roughly equivalent to what is happening now I guess - but when the time comes I will probably seek a custom plan and contact you since we're low traffic but potentially higher CCU.

    Hard question to answer but it does need answering so good luck with that :)
  • Actually, the prices are already set as if we were counting CCUs globally. So the price not likely to change.
    We don't have the global count yet. As that is our problem, you get more CCUs than you signed up for, at the moment.

    Get in contact with us about a private cloud, if you like but our pricing is already quite aggressive. Remember: CCUs are not your monthly active users and the subscriptions not only cover bandwidth but we handle operations, machines and service.
  • Bandwidth would be cheaper over on Azure. But the reason I want Cloud is for two simple reasons: One, it has passionate developers like you working on it, making sure it is great, and two - you guys handle the the server upkeep.

    Still, it's up to you guys to explain if people moan about the CCU being lower for them if they hit a download spike in asia etc :-)
  • hippocoder wrote:
    But the reason I want Cloud is for two simple reasons: One, it has passionate developers like you working on it, making sure it is great, and two - you guys handle the the server upkeep.

    Thanks :)
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