Error 1039 when trying to create / join room (LoadBalancing)

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I have some troubles using the LoadBalancing system with 2 Win32 clients.

I have created an application using LoadBalancing with the windows service. It works fine for the 2 clients to connect to the server.
The client 1 is running on the same computer as the windows service : this client can create / join / leave any room, no problem, but the client 2 (NOT running on the same computer as the windows service) can connect to the server BUT cannot create / join / leave any room (error 1039 in all the cases) and is automatically disconnected in all the cases.

I searched this forum and I found this discussion ( viewtopic.php?f=5&t=637 ) talking about this error.
The solution was to unactivate the windows firewall, but it didn't change anything for me.

Do you have an idea about what could be a problem ?

Thanks by advance for your help.



  • Hi Chris.

    From your description I guess that you have not set up the public IPs of the game servers correctly.
    Please see this post on how to set them up:
  • Thank you very much, it corrected my problem.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to revive this old post but I have a small question : both local and public IPs work fine, but I cannot connect a local computer using the public IP. To be clear :
    - I have installed the LoadBalancing service on a local computer
    - with local IP, everything works fine locally (I can connect several computers without any problem)
    - with public IP, everything works fine for any external computer, but I cannot connect a local computer using the public IP. I can connect to the service using the local IP but in this case I cannot create / join any room (error 1039 everytime).

    I am not an expert in network configuration so it's probably an error in my local network, but I have no idea where. Does anyone has an idea ?

    Thanks for your help
  • Hey,

    as you have already guessed, this is most likely a problem with port forwarding. I guess you have created some port-forwarding rules in your router / firewall to redirect traffic for the external IP & specific Photon ports to your local server, right? Seems like something is missing there.

    We've discussed a similar issue here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3950&p=16178#p16178 - including several ideas what you can check & try to debug your issue.
  • Thanks for your answer, I'll check all that.
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