Custom authentication in native SDK

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Hi all,

I'm using Android NDK Cloud SDK, and I want to setup custom authentication. I already have everything ready on server side.

I don't see how I can pass authentication values on client side. I can see how this is done in .NET, but I can't find anything similar to .NET's 'client.AuthValues' in the native SDK.

Am I missing something? Should I port that part of .NET's LoadBalancingPeer to the native SDK's LoadBalancing::Peer myself? Am I allowed to modify LoadBalancingPeer.cpp (it is distributed both precompiled and source code)?

- Nathan


  • Hi Nathan.

    The reason that you have not been able to see how to pass authentication values is that that change has just not made it into a public release yet.

    Please use this SDK ... for custom auth.
  • Where is the said change in this SDK, with respect to the one we're currently using?

    LoadBalancingPeer/LoadBalancingClient seems to offer the same functionality for authentication...

  • In the linked SDK there is a new class AuthenticationValues. You can pass a reference to an AuthenticationValues instance to the Client-constructor, which has got an additional parameter, with the default being "no custom auth", if you don't pass anything for that parameter.
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