A bunch of Releases: Photon v2.4 and clients

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I just uploaded the latest builds as Photon Server SDK v2.4. and several client SDKs: Native Win32 and iOS, Android, Unity 3d and DotNet.

Aside from the Android SDK, which is a bit outdated but compatible, the SDKs now support encryption. Operations can be made encrypted and get encrypted responses as well. Events are never encrypted, as they usually reach all clients. It's not like you put secrets in there. Anyways: It's now possible to create a secure "auth" Operation, which is not easy to hack.
We will probably post some encryption details (algorithm, etc) in the DevNet soon.

On the server side, we did some cleanup and fixed. We renamed the PhotonSocketServer.xml to PhotonSocketServer.config. Make sure to update yours as well. Also shadow copy and auto restart are now default for most applications in the package. You can update your assembly configs or application builds at runtime and Photon will restart the (modified) app after 10 seconds. Only after the restart, new connects will hit the new app logic.
The Policy App won't change much, so it's not checking file changes.

We prepared a new license generation, which will provide everyone with one 100ccu license for free. This is not yet online but almost done, so it should go live in a few days. Check the blog for updates. In the SDKs, we have a general, 100 CCU Trial license. The Unlimited-CCU trial will become downloadable as well. We think it's better if the Unlimited-CCU Trial does not start by unzipping and testing the server.

The NetSync Demo was updated and became a part of the Server SDK. Including the Unity Demo Client! This seems easier than having a separate download. On the down-side, it's another client in a Server SDK. Let us know what you think, if you like.

Please check the included release history files for more details.
Hope you like it.
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