Player.ID Question

Is it possible to make it so when a player leaves, their player ID becomes available, and the next person joining gets that ID?

The application I'm setting up functions with no more than 8 users, (because of the sizing of arrays), and I'd rather contain the 8 active players in those arrays, than allow the player ID to get above 7 or 8, and not be able to reference an array index by player ID because the ID has gone over 8.

I believe currently anytime a user connects, they get the next non-used player id, so if there are 8 players, and one leaves and reconnects, they become ID 9 instead of 8.

For clarification, that is mostly the situation I'm concerned about, one of the 8 set users connecting, then disconnecting and reconnecting.

Or are there any practices you can think of that would be a good solution to this?

Thank you!


  • Tobias
    No, it's not possible to assign a used ID to anyone new.
    The new player doesn't know anything about his "fake" history, if he would take over another one's place.

    We are looking into making a re-connect possible. But that only works for someone leaving and returning.

    I can't say when this gets ready to use, so in the mean time you could either find a workaround or disallow this situation until we implemented re-connects.
    Sorry I don't have better news.
  • Thank you for the info, I'll look into storing alternate ID's in arrays or lists then, and using those instead.