sentTimeAllowance and sentCountAllowance

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just see if I understand these correctly. the default sentTimeAllowance is 10sec and sentCountAllowance is 5 times, so which ever retry threshold is reached(either retry for 10sec or 5 consecutive times), the client will determine it as a connection error?

we've been seeing quite a number of clients getting connection error before the server detect a timeout. wonder if we should set the sentTimeAllowance and sentCountAllowance to a higher value. Are these 2 configurable from the server side? also is there anything else we can tune from the client or server side? Thanks.



  • Hi KevinB.

    It's not possible to set the client side timeout thresholds from the server and something like that also isn't planned. You will have to adjust these two value to their setters in the clients PhotonPeer class.
    You may want to reproduce and debug the issue first to see, if you really get a timeout disconnect or rather a disconnect for other reasons.
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