Observation rotation & position

When i observe a players position and rotation, using photon cloud, how many msgs does it use per second? Does it use a message per update?

So lets say i update it 20 times per second. Then for 5 players i use 100 msgs per second?


Thanks in advance?


  • We count both, outgoing and incoming updates as individual messages, so each update sent to the others in a room essentially is <playercount> messages.
    In your sample, 5 players updating each other 20 times a second causes 500 messages/sec in that room.
  • Ahh fine ;)

    Just needed to be sure on how to design around this.
  • So you need some really awesome interpolation / extrapolation if you want around 6 players, and need a bit of sync (one or twice per second) on rockets and other stuff :D
  • Yes, interpolation is really essential. The 300msg/sec per room is really a limit.
    On the other hand, let's say you target 30 frames per second, the gaps between updates aren't really huge when sending 20 updates/sec. Variation in lag may have worse impact on the actual display/reaction than the update rate.
    Hopefully you can make it work with 10. If you can't, let us know and we'll find a solution. It's not like we try to keep you from making your games. We just needed some limit so our server don't get blown apart :)
  • We just upgraded to the 100 CCU Pro version, so we got 500 msgs atleast ;)

    And playing around with it now, aiming for around 10 msgs per second.
  • You can see some alpha footage here to get an idea of the game we are building and what we need:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... i7Bvmri5WY

    This is also with the use of Photon Cloud but with way too many updates :mrgreen:
  • Nice stuff! Looks quite fun - even in pre-alpha.