Could not resolve host ...


I am trying to implement the PUN into my game. I just have done a basic connect/roomJoin/insideRoom interface and I am facing a big problem:
On Unity editor everything seems to work properly but when I build for Android platform (I didn't try on IOS yet but I think I'd have the same problem) and try to "PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings("1.0");" I get few logs saying that "Could not resolve host:" , "Could not resolve host:" (etc...for all servers that are being pinged).

I mention that I am connected to internet and my appID is set properly.

Anyone had this issue?
What can the reason for this?
Please help me soon!


  • Tobias
    If your client is setup properly, DNS should not be an issue. I ran some demo on my device today and it went smoothly.
    It must be some kind of configuration issue. Maybe you need to set export settings to use network?
  • I had this problem on iOS when I had my stripping level set too high in the Unity Player Settings under Optimization. Try reducing it until it works.
  • Tobias
    Ah, ok, that's unfortunate.
    I was told (by someone at Unity) to use "byte code stripping" for iOS and usually stick to that.
    Are the other levels much more effective to reduce size?