easily convert character too player

i have a complexe character with climbing , rolling , changing weapon , use weapon and a full algorithm for camera, movement , damage , hit etc....

now i want to implement it to photon is there any easily way without rewriting 80% of the code ? or does i need to take the character model and rewrite everything?

can you give me some good tutorial ? i use the character system V3 and it's a bit hard for me to make it work in photon (maybe am i doing it wrong)

Thanks in advance
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  • Tobias
    Sorry for the late reply.
    You will have to either send input to others or a character state (which in turn can be used to trigger and combine the animations).
    Also you should split this into several states maybe, depending on "topic". I think changing weapon is something else than triggering an attack animation. You might sync the animations frequently and trigger things like attacks via RPC.