USA Problem

rokawar ✭✭
Hello photon staff,

I thing that you have some problems on your USA server.

Since this morning , all my players got kicked from room and each 2 minutes everybody have a ping over 5000.

I don't have any problem on my self hosting and on your europe and asia but the USA have a big problem.

Have a good day



  • I am having connection problems too. People are getting randomly booted off. Sometimes it fails to connect.
  • Same for me, doing testing all afternoon and thought I was going crazy!
  • I'm trying out the Photon Server and I'm even getting dropped from that. If I can connect at all I can only stay connected for a few seconds. And this is a local server...
  • Hello all,
    we apologize for the issue with Photon Cloud US on Sunday evening.
    The issue was fixed and we are currently improving our monitoring to make sure that we can react faster in case of any performance / connectivity issues in future.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    @Gibbie: please create a separate topic and provide more details on your issues with your local server. Thanks!