Cannot Switch To Offline Mode

i'm using PhotonNetwork.offlineMode to share code between the single-player and the multi-player games. the game works fine if i run it in offline mode, and it works fine if i run it in online mode. however, whenever i try to switch back to offline mode after an online match, it wouldn't allow me to PhotonNetwork.Instantiate anything. i'd very much appreciate it if someone could have a look at what i'm doing wrong:

[code2=csharp]if (!PhotonNetwork.offlineMode) {
// disconnect everything and go into offline mode.
Debug.Log ("switching to offline mode.");
if (PhotonNetwork.connected) {
Debug.Log ("disconnecting from network.");
PhotonNetwork.Disconnect ();
while (PhotonNetwork.connected) {
yield return null;
PhotonNetwork.offlineMode = true;
if ( == null) {
// enter offline room.
Debug.Log ("creating offline room.");
PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom (null, false, false, 1);
} else {
Debug.Log ("already in room " +;
OnJoinedRoom ();

i would be able to enter an "OfflineRoom", and everything looks fine, except that i cannot properly instantiate anything, and i get a null ref error if i try to get owners of photonviews... please help! :geek:


  • I've tested the same situation in the PUN "worker demo" and that seems to instantiate fine, chat also works.
    So we must be doing something different. What nullreff are you getting?
  • i have built a small prototype to demonstrate the issue. i've uploaded it to: ... mode-test/
      open the scene "OfflineModeTest" press the "spawn prefab" button --> prefabs are spawned correctly, and RPCs are called correctly. press load offline level --> press the "spawn prefab" button --> things are fine. press load online level --> press the "spawn prefab" button --> still fine.
    press load offline level --> now the photon player id become -1, and all the photonView ids become -999, -998 etc.
    i get a null ref if i try to get photonView.owner, and all RPCs cease to work. :shock: