Problems with Photon.FindFriends

I have Unity working with Photon.FindFriends in editor, however when I make a build for the android device, it doesn't work. Any idea why that might be? Any input would be very helpful, thank you.


  • That doesn't make sense for me, no. Android is verified to work just like the other platforms, so this is new.

    You could log out the names per player and check if everyone is setting it's values as expected. Where do the players get their names from? Are they unique (cause they have to, to find a specific player)?

    If everything else fails, log the operation FindFriends and it's result to the console and check the values. In the LoadBalancingPeer you will find the operation and in NetworkingPeer the OnOperationResponse. Hashtables got our extension ToStringFull() which makes logging simple.