mmo powerup for pun (self-hosted)


Is it technically possible to develop a powerup for self-hosted PUN that would work like Photon MMO PowerUp ("grid" like solution), so one could switch from cloud (which everyone loves) to own mmo-server when needed to play on a big location with hundreds of players?



  • Not sure if I get the intention or the question.
    With a fitting license, you can replace the Photon Cloud relatively easy by running Photon "LoadBalancing" yourself. ... ng_started

    You don't need a powerup like MMO just to replace it, unless you want more than 16 or 30 players in a single room.
    Rooms (in the Photon Cloud and the self-hosted LoadBalancing App) now have Interest Groups but I doubt those are already enough to power a full-blown MMO.

    What's the intent?
  • Intent is to be able to play on a big map with 100 players on it as one of game modes (and play in small rooms on a regular cloud).
    Sorry if I described the intent not clear enough)
  • 100 users could be possible with a relatively simple grid. LoadBalancing (and the Cloud) now have Interest Groups. If you can make sure that no more than 20 or 30 users get into the same group, you could get away with that. Else, you could tune it to your needs by using the Server SDK. However, you need to host the servers (as the Cloud does not support custom code).