getting the name of the room the player is currently in?

Well, as the title says, I couldn't find any kind of way to view the name of whatever room the player is currently in. Is there a way to do this? Would be extremely helpful, since right now I don't have much of a clue as to whether or not my room changing system actually works or not.

Also, am I missing something, or is there no documentation available similar to unity's scripting reference? I keep having to ask questions here, would be nice to be able to just look for things in the docs. But most things I can find on the docs here don't explain half the parameters for certain functions, and a lot of things seem to be missing from them as well. I might just be stupid and missing all the awesome docs, but I thought I'd ask.


  • Dima

    For the documentation you can look at:

    Plus, there is a .pdf file in the package provided through the asset store!

    In order to get the name of the room you are currently in, just use: returning the actual room, you can get all of its properties from that.
  • Thanks! I tried the docs on the website, but didn't find it as helpful as a script reference much like unity has(unless I'm just overlooking something on the website). I haven't seen the .pdf yet, so I'll have to take a look at that later. Does that .pdf have anything more specific than the website?