Offline mode and LoadBalancing Server?

The last time I worked with Photon Network, it was through Photon Cloud, and I remember making extensive use of the offline mode. This time around, I've got a local server running and I'm using the LoadBalancing application with Unity. I would like to know if features such as offline mode are available with Photon Server, or if you need Photon Cloud to use them? And if I'm using Photon Cloud, can I still use the LoadBalancing application? (And if so, how?) I haven't been able to find anything to confirm either way, so hopefully someone can provide a quick answer to these questions. Thanks!


  • Offline mode is offline. It even works without any server :)

    Offline mode however is only implemented in Photon Unity Networking, aka PUN.
    PUN is a client layer on top of the regular Photon libraries. It's not using exactly the same classes as the LoadBalancing API but it's close enough.

    PUN and LoadBalancing API on the client side are both compatible with Photon Cloud or the self-hosted Photon LoadBalancing instance.

    Server side, these are the differences: ... udvsServer

    Hope that helps.