Notify users of a new update/patch

Hi, I have an application on Photon Cloud which I am planning on regularly updating/patching as it is still in development. I understand if you change the version it separates clients, but is there a known solution to prevent older clients from connecting, or notifying them that a new update is available?


  • Now that I'm looking into it further, it seems that the authenticate function of the newest version of Photon would be the route to take. Does anyone have any good resources or suggestions in the implementation of what I am trying to accomplish? I don't need users to register or anything, but I do want to reject users from connecting to Photon Cloud who do not have the newest version of the game.
  • You already answered your question nicely: The custom auth feature is a good way to implement this. We pass on your client's data to your server and hand over the reply to it. You could send a message or just a code and don't even need a DB or anything.
    Alternatively, you could also just do a WWW request to some webserver which only hands out the current version info. The client can notify the user of the update.
  • Thank you for the quick response. This is very helpful, I think the WWW feature in Unity would be the way to go with this simplistic of an issue.