Expected ping in America and Europe

I was wondering if you could provide some information about the average and best case server ping in America and Europe. I understand that the ping will vary significantly on a per case basis, I'd just like a general idea. I'm developing from South Africa and the lowest the ping gets is around 180ms.



  • From Hamburg, Germany, my ping results are:
    app-eu.exitgamescloud.com 27-36ms
    app-us.exitgamescloud.com 102-105ms
    app-asia.exitgamescloud.com 364-376ms
    app-jp.exitgamescloud.com above 500ms
  • Thanks Kaiserludi, 27 -36ms is better that I had hoped!

    For reference, my ping from Cape Town, South Africa is:
    app-eu.exitgamescloud.com 175-190ms
    app-us.exitgamescloud.com 250-270ms
    app-asia.exitgamescloud.com 480-500ms
    app-jp.exitgamescloud.com above 400-420ms