Trouble with AutoJoin


I'm trying to use your API for making game rooms for 2 players, by using the opJoinRandomRoom for the matchmaking. But the opJoinRandomRoom call is not working :

First i create a room :

[code2=java]HashMap<Object, Object> g = new HashMap<Object, Object>();
g.put("map", "aap");
String[] list = {"room"};
getInstance( ).opCreateRoom(name, true, false, (byte)2 , g , list );//, g, null);[/code2]
Everything is working fine, the room is created and i join it.
But an event -1 ( InternalServerError ) is broadcasted just after without reason.

I try anyway to connect to the room from my second device but the opJoinRandomRoom call fail:

[code2=java]HashMap<Object, Object> p = new HashMap<Object, Object>();
p .put("map", "aap");
opJoinRandomRoom( p , (byte)2 );[/code2]
It respond:
-31: {-8={map=aap, -1=2}}
-31 =

If i join the room manually it works.

Any idea ?

Thanks //


  • Hm. Maybe it's this:
    You create the room with a "map" property but your list (of properties available in the lobby) contains "room". Make it "map" and your filter should work.
  • I've already try that and differents combo of visible / open.... but nothing works.

    Still the same error :
    INFO - -31: {-8={map=aap, -1=2}}

    And i'm redirected to the Lobby.
  • Sorry, I didn't notice your reply. Is this still an issue?

    A room must be visible and open to be available for random matchmaking.
    Any property you want to use as filter for random matchmaking must also be defined as "properties available in the lobby" when you create a room (the string[]).
    Once both is done, it should work.

    We'll give it a try, if you confirm you did both.