Alternate Downloads for PUN

Hi everyone,

I've been trying for a few days now to download the Photon Unity Networking Plugin from the asset store without success, it appears to be an issue with the store itself so I was wondering, are there any other places to download the plugin other then the Unity Asset Store, or alternatively, I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know how to fix this issue with the asset store, image attached.

Thanks for any assistance at all. :)


  • Thanks for the info! I didn't notice anything yet.
    I will get in contact with the Asset Store guys. It's some issue on their side.

    I uploaded the PUN 1.19 package now, here:

    Edit: I don't have the problem with the Store right now. Is it solved?
  • Thanks Tobias, I think it maybe solved now I'm able to download from the asset store again but I very much appreciate your posting of an alternate download. Thanks again :D
  • thx for the alt link Tobias, cheers! I've been having trouble downloading 1.19.1 from the asset store as well. Unity 4.1.2 and it keeps telling me new version is available but always imports 1.19 instead.
  • Didn't know so many could use the alternative. You're welcome.
    In best case, you also report those problems to Unity - they might wand to know.
  • asset store seemed to be having some issues. Looks like its resolved now and downloads working again.
  • I uploaded a new version with a few fixes, too.
    Let me know if anyone can't access it and we're providing alternatives, too.