Mimic PUN via Flash SDK

Hello! We've already made a game in Unity3D using the PUN SDK and it works fine.
However, we also need to make the game work in a flash export from Unity3d.

Currently PUN has no support on the flash export (and I'm not sure if it will be?), so my idea is currently to mimic the PUN api using the Photon Flash SDK, and communicate back to Unity.

Have anyone tried this before?


  • Sorry. I missed the post somehow.
    We started work on the Flash export a whole while ago but never finished it due to a lot of minor and bigger issues.
    One of those was also: Cross platform compatibility with other clients. When you run the client in Flash, it won't use the same Types as any other build and thus the messages they send are (often) incomprehensible to other clients.
    Are you looking into cross platform multiplayer or are you ok with separating players by client type?
  • We're fine with separating the players depending on their different plattforms/clients. Its more for reusing the existing codebase on the unity side.

    But I'm still not sure if it would be faster to re-implement the networking logic, or to brigde the PUN-part.
  • Today Unity announced they will cease development of their Flash export:

    I'm sorry but this means we won't be able to invest time into exporting PUN to it either.
    I assume it's going to be a major act to make PUN exportable to Flash and to refactor it into using the Photon AS3 library there. It might be easier to re-implement the required features in Flash and make that work.
    For upcoming titles this means you could skip PUN completely on the Unity side. Our AS3 and "plain" Unity SDKs are closer to each other than PUN and AS3 are. PUN adds a whole lot which is not available in Flash.