Vicking Sample

Hi, i'm new from Photon.. (sorry for my bad english)

i try the Vicking Sample.. but work only with the Photon Cloud!!

There is a similar example that works with photon server?

Thank you



  • I have not tried the viking demo, but you should be able to set it up in the PUN Wizard to connect to a server of your choice.
    Just select 'Open self-hosting settings' in the PUN wizard and set the address of the machine on which your server is running.
  • i've alredy try.. but doesn't work..

    i have make a screen.

    Thank you so much for reply!
  • You need to run the "LoadBalancing (MyCloud)" instance of the Photon Server.
    The server must be available for your client (not behind NAT or firewall) and your client setup must point to the correct IP and port (5055 usually).

    You can edit your server config either by the Wizard (Alt+P, then setup and so on) or by selecting the PhotonServerSettings file in the project and using the Inspector on it.

    That should help. I'm sure the demo works with the server then.