The differenece between lobby room and game in time

I use PhotonNetwork.time to set one of the properties of the room, because I need to know when the room was created.
But when I use PhotonNetwork.time in lobby (to set properties), it shows me 4184963.
When the room was created, and I use PhotonNetwork.time in the room, it shows me 181221.606.
Why? I need to create 5-minutes long room and then delete it. But I can't do that because, you see, the difference is enormous and I can't understand why in the lobby time-number is greater than in the game.

How can I do that right?


  • The internally used timestamp is based on the runtime of the server, not on a synchronized datetime. The latter wouldn't be exact, so we just sync time per server you're on.
    Clients switch the server between lobby and room. Also, it takes a bit until the room is actually created on the Game Server, so time from the lobby won't help.

    You need to set the time property when your first player actually arrives in the room and got a updated time value.