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Hi, there.

I'm tring to use dashboard installed on dedicated server - photon server has its own server and dashboard has its own server.
I wroute Server.dll.config something like that:
endpoint="" - ip address of server where dashboard hosted

but this do not work. No any data in PerfData catalog. If I install photon server and dashboard on the same server and write in config local adress (in any form: localhost, 192.168.10.XXX) all works fine.

What do I do wrong?

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  • Difficult to say. Could it me a firewall issue? UDP port 40001 must be open on the machine with IP
  • Hi Ilya,

    the Dashboard of the current Photon version (v2-2-2) only accepts data from the local machine. So both Photon and Dashboard have to run on the same machine. Sorry for the confusion.

    The upcoming release (in the next days) will support to run the Dashboard on another machine.

  • Thanks a lot
  • Check the new Photon SDK online: v2.4.0.
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